MY STORY: That Time I Came Out On Facebook…

In honor of LGBT Pride Month I decided to reshare my coming out post on Facebook.

After I came out as gay several years ago, I quickly felt like there were those who knew and those who didn’t know. I felt very awkward just saying it to people unless it came up in conversation.

For a little while I felt like I was half way in and half way out. There were those who knew and those who didn’t. I know everyone is different and everyone does things differently, but I didn’t like this. I just wanted everyone to know and be done with it.

So on January 1st, 2015, I decided to post on Facebook and just put it out there. Here is that post:

[Facebook post from 01.01.15]
I don’t usually post much on here and I don’t usually post lengthy things but this is a rare exception. I have decided that in 2015 to begin a new journey in my life. A journey to live more open and free. Many of you know me as a quiet and shy person. Someone with little facial expression and little personality. The truth is that’s not who I am and what I’m about. The truth is that I’m gay. The truth is that I have struggled with accepting my sexual orientation for over 10 years. I have experienced periods of denial, paranoia, and depression.

While my close friends and family have known for over a year now, I have still struggled and felt like I was one foot in and one foot out. Which to me felt like I was still in. Still cautious as to what to say in front of who like I still had something to hide.

I no longer want to hide from who I really am, and quite frankly I am just sick and tired of trying. Which is why I made this post. To put it out there free and clear this is me, this is who I really am.

I know my journey is just beginning and I am forever grateful for my close friends and family who I know will never stop having my back. THANK YOU! 😀<<<<<<


  • Wow, that was really courageous. Nothing compares to coming out and finally feeling that freedom to just be. How was the reaction at the time?


  • Thank you! The reaction was overwhelming. I used to oversee a sports show at a college radio station and I was particularly concerned about how the students there would react. They actually gave some of the most supportive comments. As nervous as I was about posting this, I’m glad I did it and I don’t regret it at all.


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