BLOG: Find A Way To Succeed

In life, curve balls are always thrown our way. There are always hurdles to jump and mountains to climb. Challenges are apart of life and you should never allow them to prevent you from succeeding.

When you allow a challenge to stop you from doing something it becomes nothing more then an excuse. Challenges in life aren’t meant to become excuses. They are meant to push you. They are meant to test your limits. They are meant to see how serious you are about succeeding.

If you really want something then you find a way to make it happen. If you really wanted ice cream in a snow storm, you would find a store that’s open and find a way to get there. Just like if you really wanted a hot and fit body you would find a way to work out and eat right.

It usually comes to down how badly you want something. If you really want something you don’t make excuses. Instead, you tackle the challenges head on.

Years back, while doing a sports show for a college radio station I wanted to create a website for the show. I didn’t want some small site on a blog or something like that. I wanted a legit website with its own URL. The problem was that I had no idea how to create a website.

So, I googled it. I searched YouTube videos for tutorials. I taught myself how to create a website from scratch using only HTML coding. I was able to do this not because I’m super smart or some tech genius, but because I’m creative and determined. I had a vision and I wasn’t stopping until I had the product I wanted.

Although, the original site was no where near my level of standards (the site looked liked crap), as time went on I learned more and discovered ways to make the site even better.

A lot of people who know me think I’m a computer person. I’m actually not. I actually don’t know much about computers at all. However, I am very driven. When I’m working on a project, I strive to find a way to make it work. If there’s a problem, I solve it. 

Don’t be afraid to learn something new. If you’re faced with a challenge find a way to get through it. Look up how to do it. Teach yourself how to do something new. You’ll become a better person for it and you’ll become even closer to reaching success.

K.P. Gatti – 06.11.17

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