Today, many of us will openly admit that our lives are boring and that we are not doing what we really want to do. We just don’t chase our dreams. We are often discouraged and we allow that discouragement to stop us. We dwell so much on the reasons why we shouldn’t, that we never really think about the reasons why we should. 

While there are many reasons for why you should chase your dreams, I have put together the top 10. I guarantee that all 10 are greater than any reason why you wouldn’t. 

Here it is:

10 | The would’ve, could’ve, should’ves are BS.
All your excuses for why you don’t chase your dreams or didn’t chase your dreams are nothing more than a bunch of BS. The time spent thinking about all your missed opportunities just causes you to miss even more opportunities.  

9 | You can start anytime. 
Stop waiting and stop stalling. Start acting and start doing. There is no time frame for dreams. You can be 90 years old and still chase a dream. You need to just start. There is absolutely no better time then right now to start pursuing.

8 | Situations don’t define success. 
You’re past situations do not define you. You present situation does not define you. Situations are meant to test us, not define us. You are in control of your future and your success. You have the power to write were the story goes tomorrow.  

7 | Believe or not, your are talented. You have a gift. 
Don’t ever sell yourself short. You are the most valuable person in your life. Everyone has a gift or a talent. Everyone also knows what it is. The challenge is accepting that you have this gift and figuring out how to use it to make a positive impact on yourself and the world. 

6 | The opinions of others don’t matter.
The crowd is always going to have something to say. You can’t control what others say or think about you. You always need to trust in your heart and go with what feels right to you. No body knows you and what you truly need better than you. Never be afraid to stand alone, if necessary. 

5 | Success is so much better when it’s your own.
Don’t piggyback off the success of others. Form relationships and connections for the right reasons. Experience the ride and the thrill of climbing to the top on your own. The top will be so much greater when you are able to look back and see that your hard work paid off. 

4 | You’ll be a better person.
You naturally become a better person when you chase your dreams. You truly enjoy life and become happier. You gain a sense of confidence and gain the ability to motivate yourself and others around you. Overall, you feel healthier as a person. 

3 | You create your own luck.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t rain luck and some higher power didn’t deem certain people as “lucky.” People that we perceive as being “lucky” create their own luck. Luck is about creating opportunities. The more opportunities you create the more chances you have of getting “lucky.”

2 | You’ll thank yourself.
When you gain success you’ll thank yourself because the reward will be amazing. You’ll thank yourself for dragging yourself through all the hard work and tough times. You’ll also find reasons to be grateful as you go because there are always rewards along the way. 

1 | You are in control and you have the power. 
If your dreams ever come true it will be because of you and only you. Nobody is going to hold your hand and walk you through it. There are people along the way that will help, but most of the time you will stand alone. You control your destiny and where you life leads. It’s up to you to make the decisions.

K.P. Gatti – 07.11.17

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